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for names in the Welsh Springer Spaniel database
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What's New?

An explanation of the “Selected Name” and how it works has been added to the FAQ page.  In addition, better documentation on how to Add, Update, Delete a database entry has been provided on the FAQ page.  Finally, data entry for three Special Fields has been more fully described on the FAQ pagePosted 2013-06-18.
Search has been improved with a new Advanced Search feature now available.  Learn more about Search on the FAQ pagePosted 2011-07-31.
A new English Cocker Spaniel database has been implemented.  In support of this new database, when a breed has more than one defined color or variety, the animal's color or variety is now displayed on all database listings.  You can select any breed database from the Home page or the Breed Selection pagePosted 2011-07-16.
The Pedigree-Engine is now displayable in French.  Access the Language Selection page to select your preferred language.  Along with the implementation of French, the Pedigree-Engine now also allows all characters in the Latin-1 character set to be used in animal names.  Posted 2011-04-10.
A Siblings page is now available, listing all brothers and sisters (if any) for the currently selected animal.  Only full brothers and sisters are listed (those sharing the same Sire and Dam, though they may have been born on different dates).  The Siblings page enhances the navigation capability of the Pedigree-Engine and is accessible from the main menu strip, as well as from the Detail page (below the name heading).  Posted 2011-04-08.


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